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Who is Phil Lopez?

 -Dream, Create and Live -OneGR8Life-

If you were willing to invest a couple of cups of coffee and spend some time with Phil; you will not be disappointed! His passion statement is “Never Give-Up” -trying to Dream, Create and Live your OneGR8Life.

- In his own words, Phil puts it this way -

“Each of us has but OneGR8Life. The opportunity in this OneGR8Life is to differentiate ourselves through the development and delivery of our Highest Human Potential. The problem as I see it is – only 5% of us intrinsically understand the value gained by differentiating – 50% are content not to understand it, – the remaining 45% would love to differentiate but, need a little instruction and guidance. That, is what I am here to do – Provide a little instruction -Give a little guidance”.

A Turning Point-

It all started as an engineering student at CSU Pomona, where Phil was befriended by one of his college professors. One day near the end of his senior year, while walking through campus, the professor challenged Phil to create an ambitious career path.  On that day, as Professor Roy explained it -Anyone can learn to live life; that requires no more than survival. The true human challenge is to Dream, Create and Live a Great Life. In this way, you are responsible for the Design and Creation of your own Happiness. And so, Phil’s journey began.

Today, 25+ years later, Phil is looking to share the experience gained through his pursuit of Dreaming, Creating and Living OneGR8Life.  The thought leading hallmarks of his council include the subjects they don’t teach you within the restraints of structured education. Specifically, HOW?!? do we Dream, Create and Live OneGR8Life.

Never Give Up!

Once you are in Phil’s presence, His infectious ‘Never Give-Up’ attitude awakens your emotional spirit, and ignites your ambition to Be, Do or Have. After a couple of sessions you begin to recognize that you have tapped-into a special source of infinite inspiration and motivation. At the very least you walk-away armed with the tools to overcome self-imposed limitations and restraints. With simplicity and detail, Phil increases your recognition that in this OneGR8Life You can Be, Do or Have, Anything that you Desire.

Life with Phil is rarely boring –

Phil is the second child, in a family of 3 brothers and a sister. He has been blessed in his OneGR8Life to receive the love and 30+ year companionship of his wife, Janice. Phil and Jan are former residence of Bozeman, MT and currently reside in the Los Angeles, CA area.  Phil and Jan have spent a lifetime together assisting young people. Together they serve as founders of a non-profit group; the goal of this group is to use aquatic based activities to empower young people through the character virtue of ambition.

Phil personally maintains the OneGR8Life blog space. Spending time here you will quickly realize that he IS dedicated to ‘Improving the Human Condition’, Quite Specifically – Yours!

You can follow Phil on Twitter, @OneGrtLife.

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